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Lounge TV comes with the world format of broadcasting. It connects Lounge music created by the world’s leading DJs with exclusive videos in 4K resolution. The main content of the program are videos from all around the world divided into “LOUNGE ZONES” with various themes accompanied by the TOP music.

4K LoungeTV
TV 4K & Full HD | RADIO | APPS
Exclusive format of broadcasting
• Combination of music & video

LOUNGE music of all styles created by TOP DJs
is the universal language for viewers and listeners from all over the world.
• Active target group 20 – 55 years
• Exclusive shots from all around the world

• 1. TV exclusive channel of this kind
• license
• Unique content
• Themes from travel, sport, business, architecture, lifestyle, luxury, gastronomy, design and much more, with text NEWS
• As a single channel it broadcasts in 4K~UHD (SDR) resolution
• It can also work in the app as a radio

Programming “LOUNGE ZONES”
Motion and Adventure. Be the one
Outdoor, sports, extreme sports, surf, races, motor racing, skiing, diving, adrenaline, dreams…(match able to Outdoor Sport Channel® HD)

Nature. Take your time for relax
Beautiful nature, animals, mountains, sea, lakes, waterfall, flowers…

Lifestyle. Find your lifestyle
Fashion, luxury accessories, cars, boats, yachts, top class, design, original style…

Business. Inspiration for your business
Company, projects, developers, fabrics, amazing businesses tips, meetings..

Travel. Discover the world
Exotic places, luxury hotels, great views, your favorite travel agencies, apartments, trips, holiday, tips…

Food and Drinks. Enjoy your gastronomy
Restaurants, Bars, Lounge Bars, Gastronomy, Hotels…

Prime Lounge. The best of Lounge TV
channel…Chillout, deep house, lounge, vocal deep house…

Art and Architecture. Touch the culture
Galleries, performance, exhibitions, old and new architecture, painting…

We offer and distributed Lounge TV 4K & HD via CATV, DTH, IPTV, OTT, APP and Mobile TV platforms around the world.
Worldwide content distribution rights available.

Please contact us, to add Lounge TV to your channel line-up.

pdf-logo Download the 2020 Lounge TV 4K Presentation

xml Download EPG sample EPG EDITOR_190512_190526

For real time EPG, ask us.

EPG – Electronic program guide
EPG in xlm format with 14 days upfront data (continuous service).
EPG directly send (or link for download) to each operator or any 3rd party EPG service provider i.e. Media Press, Gracenote, AKPA and others.

Program signal delivery
Zixi’s technology harmonizes content-aware and network adaptive forward error correction, time-controlled error recovery, bonding multiple transmission paths and bitrate adaptation to make the internet usable for professional video.
Zixi delivers outstanding performance at low predictable latency, superior reliability, no packet loss, and broadcast-grade video quality (SD, HD, and UHD) with no trade offs in video or audio delay, resolution or stutter.

Advertising possibilities Lounge TV (video) 





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