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United Kingdom
Outdoor Sport Channel Ltd®
Dept 302, 43 Owston Road,
Carcroft, Doncaster,
United Kingdom, DN6 8DA


Outdoor Sport Channel® (i.o.)
Keizersgracht 391 A
1016EJ Amsterdam
Phone: +31 20 261 93 39

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Mr. Henk Van Meer (Founder & CEO) LinkedIN  calendly-logo

Mr. Asit Shah (Distribution worldwide) LinkedIN

Mr. Umesh Joshi (Distribution worldwide) LinkedIN

Mr. Ali Ajouz (Distribution MENA territory) LinkedIN

Mrs. Stephanie Murdoch-Meyer (Distribution Europe and USA) LinkedIN

Mrs. Christelle Poncelet (Senior Sales Executive Europe) LinkedIN

Mr. Marco Frazier (Distribution Executive USA) LinkedIN

Mrs. Roxane Crettix (worldwide IPTV/OTT Distribution & Acquisitions) LinkedIN

Mr. Achille Nicosia  (Distribution Italy) LinkedIN

Mrs. Nataša Dimitrievska (Distribution of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, Slovakia, Czech republic) LinkedIN

Mr. Magnus Simons (distributes/representation throughout the Nordic Countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland), Saharan Africa, Russia, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and MENA) LinkedIN

Mr. Ola Steinsrud (Distribution Scandinavia) LinkedIN

Ms. Dounya El mounfalouti (Distribution France) LinkedIN

Mr. Berto Guzman (Acquisition & Distribution North/South America) LinkedIN

Mrs. Tracy Thompson-West (Distribution USA & Canada) LinkedIN

Mr. Tim Larson (Distribution USA) LinkedIN

Mr. Lucas Bertrand (Distribution VoD) LinkedIN

Globecast. Marketing/Sales/Distribution from Globecast offices at Los Angeles United States, London United Kingdom, Moscow Russia, New Delhi India, Paris France, Rome Italy, Seoul Korea, Singapore, Beijing China, Johannesburg South Africa. Distribution Enquirers

Outdoor Sport Channel Ltd® is working, worldwide, very closely with many `local` consulting companies to reach in its enormous distribution & programming success.

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