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Outdoor Sport Channel® – Global Outdoor Sports Television®

The industry’s first and leading international Sports TV Channel covering an immense array of sports.

For the past fourteen years, Outdoor Sport Channel® has grown exponentially and is now a household name in the majority of international markets.
• Immense number of satisfied tv customers worldwide via 75 pay-tv platforms.
• Full production team in MENA, and Europe, working closely with independent global wide sports producers and Brands.
• All content in full High Definition & UHD 4K.

Exceptional channel airing only the best International sports action from around the world.
• Uniquely tapped into all sports news outlets for on the hour live updates.
• Sports themed programming© intermingled with live events, daily updates. from all major sports leagues, sports highlights, interviews, previews and exclusive behind the scenes specials from a vast array of sports;
• Nascar, Formula 1, F4, Honda Racing, Raceline, Dubai Series Touring, Indy Car, F1H2O Powerboat Racing Grand Prix, Aquabike World Cup Specials and more.
• Baseball, Softball, Cycling, Golf, Tennis, Surfing, Equestrian, Beach Volleyball, Alpine Ski-ing,
Surfing, Rock Climbing, Track and Field, Basketball, Swimming, Tennis, Sailing and much more.
• 30/60/180/240 minute complete programming blocks.

•Sports fans go behind the scenes with exclusive sneak peak shows with athletes, managers & pit crews.
•Major sporting event previews on Friday and recap shows on Monday.
•Family friendly viewing – no hunting, guns or violent content.
•Minimal advertising.
•Anchors and commentary provided by seasoned sports vets.
•Traveling crew of ~30 staff.
•All shows edited in English with 24/7 live sport news tickers, covering all sports leagues, latest news, results, etc.

Program Breakout

Outdoor Sport Channel® also operates in the content production and licensing field.

For a full programming grid, ask us at programs(at)


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