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EPG – Electronic program guide

Outdoor Sport Channel® delivers fully automated EPG data directly to any TV operator or via any 3rd party EPG service provider.
Our EPG data consist out of: date, program start time, end time, duration, name (ID) and Synopsis (description), standard 256 or unlimited text characters.

EPG Schedule per 7, 14 days or one month in advance (continue service).

Our EPG output is standard xmltv EPG that is supported by all EPG system,
Operator will receive an xmltv link that contains latest EPG data.

To reduce the time, and avoid any mistake, we have designed online systems, so no need to send the file, the link is actually a xml file.

Provider always have access to recent EPG data, and don’t need to wait for file to be send to them, if they want to have the file easily, they can save to file after they opened the link.
Based on our experience all operator can use the link directly and added to there EPG system.



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