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Outdoor Sport Channel Plus® (OSC+)

OSC+ (FAST light version of Outdoor Sport Channel® HD Premium)

What is OSC+?
OSC+ an emerging class of streaming video services, are undeniably on the rise. FAST, which stands for free, ad-supported, streaming TV, is an exciting mix of AVOD and linear TV, creating a subscription-free streaming option for the end-user.

OSC+ gurantees you an high class sports programming selection out of the well known Outdoor Sport Channel® programming and enormously archive.

OSC+ launch its FAST channel for distribution on platforms such as Pluto TV, Xumo or even connected TVs, such as Samsung or LG.

OSC+ directly on the web and across a wide variety of connected TV platforms such as Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Google TV, Apple TV, LG TV, Sony TV, iOS, & Android (via SoFast and CTV/OTT platform operators).

OSC+ Ads Management
Programmatic advertising according to the different demands on each platform.

OSC+ creates and manage the programming for our FAST channel using the best cloud-based broadcasting tools. Including creating and delivering real time EPG of OSC+ to different platforms.

OSC+ millions to see Outdoor Sport Channel Plus® worldwide.

OSC+ developed, owned & rights holder by Outdoor Sport Channel Ltd®

©2007-2023 Outdoor Sport Channel Ltd®

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