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Show them you watch the #1 sports television network!

Outdoor Sport Channel® online shop. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Please visit our 2 online shops for great products.           or click on below images.

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Licence Fee, Payment, and Transactions.
Access to certain Outdoor Sport Channel Ltd® Content may be subject to a fee or subscription. All payments (including applicable taxes) must be made in advance in a currency specified by Outdoor Sport Channel Ltd®. You are responsible for the payment of all charges associated with the use of the Sites using your Username, Password or ID. There may be from time to time opportunities to use the Sites to purchase products or services from third party suppliers. In that event, your contract for such products will be with the third party provider and not with Outdoor Sport Channel Ltd®. All refunds that relate to Outdoor Sport Channel Ltd® products or services are at the discretion of Outdoor Sport Channel Ltd®. Any product-specific offers, conditions or terms are stated at the point of purchase for that product.





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Outdoor Sport Channel® HD is a unique and leading International 24 hour global sports television network featuring a vast array of outdoor, action, summer & winter sports, many exclusive. Our programming is simply unique! We distribute our programming worldwide (Europe, Russia, North/South and Latin America, Canada, Caribbean, Middle East, Asia and Australia) via SD & HD analogue & digital cable, DTH satellite, OTT, BOIP (Broadcast over IP), VOD and mobile platforms. Outdoor Sport Channel® HD also operates in the content production & licensing field.

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