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Living in Australia? enjoy Outdoor Sport Channel® via FlipTV

Outdoor Sport Channel® available via VeeTel`s FlipTV television service.
FlipTV is a leading IPTV company in Australia delivering worldwide content via the internet direct to your home TV for seamless and reliable viewing of your favorite overseas shows.

FlipTV provides access to over 10 English TV channels direct from the UK, across a diverse range of interests.

From only $9.95 /month, you can supplement your viewing options with premium content and language packages.
Click on the FlipTV logo to enjoy Outdoor Sport Channel®

flip-tv      VeeTel



Outdoor Sport Channel® View All

Outdoor Sport Channel® HD is a unique and leading International 24 hour global sports television network featuring a vast array of outdoor, action, summer & winter sports, many exclusive. Our programming is simply unique! We distribute our programming worldwide (Europe, Russia, North/South and Latin America, Canada, Caribbean, Middle East, Asia and Australia) via SD & HD analogue & digital cable, DTH satellite, OTT, BOIP (Broadcast over IP), VOD and mobile platforms. Outdoor Sport Channel® HD also operates in the content production & licensing field.

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