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Sunrise TV neo & Outdoor Sport Channel® HD extends 2023 carriage.

Sunrise TV neo & Outdoor Sport Channel® HD extends 2023 carriage.
Outdoor Sport Channel® HD continues nationwide availability in the basic pack on TV neo, TV neo max and TV neo light.
Watch Outdoor Sport Channel® HD, throughout Switzerland on the following devices: smartphones, Samsung SMART TV (Tizen), tablets and PCs, or via Apple TV.

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Outdoor Sport Channel® HD is a unique and leading International 24 hour global sports television network featuring a vast array of outdoor, action, summer & winter sports, many exclusive. Our programming is simply unique! We distribute our programming worldwide (Europe, Russia, North/South and Latin America, Canada, Caribbean, Middle East, Asia and Australia) via SD & HD analogue & digital cable, DTH satellite, OTT, BOIP (Broadcast over IP), VOD and mobile platforms. Outdoor Sport Channel® HD also operates in the content production & licensing field.

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